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You want the best home for your family.

After all, it's where you live. So, like so many other people, you dream of a home that offers you the best of everything. A sure foundation for your financial security. A quality living environment. An atmosphere of warmth and comfort that helps build loving family relationships and strong community ties.

At Bucci Homes we share those dreams. And we also share a commitment to not only making those dreams a reality, but exceeding the expectations of every new home buyer who walks through our doors. From our experienced construction personnel to our hands on management team, everyone in the company pursues the highest standards of quality in its many forms. All are consummate professionals, with a pride of workmanship that is reflected in both the design and construction of every new home.

our History

In this age of fast turnaround, it is rare to find a family of homebuilders who have been successful for over 50 years - creating beautifully crafted living spaces for thousands of homeowners.

Today, the legacy lives on in Bucci Homes. Through the decades, many things have changed, but one thing that did not, is the Bucci family's steadfast commitment to excellence from generation to generation. The ability to continue this level of commitment is the driving force that has made Bucci Homes one of the most renowned and respected names in the building industry.

At the heart of each and every Bucci home is a warm and welcoming environment created through well designed floor plans and features that make everyday living enjoyable. Beautiful customized designs, meticulous craftsmanship, right down to the smallest detail, are all the hallmarks of a Bucci home.

In the end, Bucci Homes success strategy is really quite simple: always strive to provide the best possible product, stay in tune with the times and in touch with your customers.

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“Kathie Pillar introduced Bucci as a builder with a high level of customer satisfaction. With Kathie's help "We ere able to personalize our BUCCI home by adapting the floor plan to suit our needs and the high quality of the standard features offered were easily enhanced with affordable upgrades" We are now enjoying our beautiful new home in the Villages of Brantwell, built to please us and we are appreciative of the fact that the BUCCI experience lived up to Kathie's billing.”

Janet and Alan Beam
73-2165 Itabashi Way

“We have lived in The Villages of Brantwell since March of 2006. This was a carefully thought-out move from a 2 storey home in South Burlington. We couldn't be happier with our decision. We love our one floor condo which has more space than our 2 storey. It was satisfying to work with a builder (BUCCI HOMES) who was willing and able to make adjustments to the house plans and responded to our questions within a reasonable time. The end result was a well built home with features that met our "adult" needs! We enjoyed having our driveway plowed for us this winter and look forward to watching the gardens this summer!”

Joan and Ron
4-2165 Itabashi Way

“We are very happy with our new BUCCI built Bungaloft in the Villages of Brantwell. Kathie Pillar (the sales representative) was always pleasant and very helpful. We are enjoying the lifestyle and the freedom of our new home. BUCCI HOMES builds a quality home and the follow up attention has been excellent. We would highly recommend to our friends that they buy a BUCCI!”

Maureen and Kieran Kennedy
45-2165 Itabashi Way